BETA A small tool to edit fast exif data of an image.

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  • Short and easy. No overheap
  • Mulitplatform (Windows, OS X, Linux (follows)).
  • Written in Javascript, HTML and CSS.

How to use it

Download the app for your system from Github

Open Source

Take a look on the complete source code on GitHub


Fast and easy

No overheap. Just that what you need. Remove, insert and edit exif tags of JPEG and JPG photos. Or just dump all exif tags.


Written with modern technologies

By using Electron from Github ShortTag is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. With io.js it's possible to write Javascript for Front- and Backend.

Open source

The source code for the complete desktop app is open source. Change it for your needs or improve it by contributing on Github. To let it grow like an fire. Take a look...

Github screenshot

For Mac and for Windows

By using Electron from Github ShortTag is available for both Mac and Windows. It should also work with Linux but so far not tested.

GitHub-Mark GitHub