BETA Monitor your mobile battery level in the tray of your pc.

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  • Keep always an eye on your mobile phone battery directly from your pc.
  • Fast and easy connection with QR-Codes.
  • Currently only for OS X (Windows and Linux follows).
  • Just for Android mobile phones.

How to use it

Download the app

Open Source

Take a look on the complete source code on GitHub


Fast and easy connection

Rather than to know your ip address connect your mobile phone by scanning a QR-Code with the mobile app of MobileBattery.

Connection Screen

Always an eye

Instead keeping a window open just look on your tray to see your battery level. Whether you like to see just an icon or an icon with percentage value.

Eye on Screen

Open source

The source code for both desktop and mobile is open source. Change it for your needs or improve it by contributing on Github. To let it grow like an fire. Take a look...

Github screenshot

For Mac and for Android

Currently only for Mac and Android. Windows and Linux follow as soon as possible. Sorry but iOS is not planned. If you liked to create a mobile app for iOS feel free to contribute on GitHub.

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