Create with jQuery a keymap to display key bindings

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  • Highlight keybindings more directly than before.
  • Full responsive and compatible with modern browsers.
  • Several layouts available. From qwerty to qwertz and mac layouts.

How to use it

  • Download the latest release from Github and take a look on the wiki how to inlcude it.

Open Source

Take a look on the complete source code on GitHub


Responsive support

Full scaling for responsive layouts. Use your own CSS code to style it your way.


Highlight keybindings easily

Highlight keybinding of your application more easily by letting your users hover ever an element you choose and let them see the keys they have to press. Better than to let them read the keybinding.

Keybinding highlighting

Several layouts available

QWERTY and QWERTZ layouts for both Mac and PC are available already. You want more? Create your own. The format is simple and written in JSON.


Open source

The source code for the complete plugin is open source. Change it for your needs or improve it by contributing on Github. To let it grow like an fire. Take a look...

Github screenshot

Made for the web

Written with HTML, Javascript and CSS for myself and the web.

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Example Commands

Hover or click on the commands to display the key binding.

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